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Thai seafood is a natural choice. The seas around the coast of Thailand reap a bountiful harvest of squid, fish, shrimp and other oceanic delicacies. These are processed and packaged locally and shipped to wholesalers and supermarkets abroad. I work closely with two Thai frozen food companies. One a large public limited company has only recently started to market it's range of shrimp and dim sum products in the European market.

The feedback I get is that very little effort is needed, the buyers are flocking to the producers rather than the other way round. Just came back from a meeting with the seafood manufacturer - new seafood products for next years market Along with locally produced food packaging materials Thailand is now able to produce and ship world quality foodstuffs at third world prices. A spin off from the increase in exports is a desire from the domestic Thai market for western food.

Fast food restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and Mc Donalds are not quite yet on every street corner but the Thai consumer will usually indulge in western food at least once a week. Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. Chantaburi Global Trade Co. Chantaburi Global Trade was founded in We are a manufacturers of dehydrated fruits and vegetables, herbs and other food using the technology of freeze-drying process.

With our vast experience in exporting fresh fruits for more than 10 years, make us see the advantages of the freeze-drying and started this business.

Contact: Mr. Wisut Noppun Chin Huay Co. Chin Huay Company is one of the oldest food manufacturers in Thailand, remarkably celebrates its 70th anniversary of establishment and recorded achievement in food industry.

The Company provides canned, dehydrated, and frozen food products in the Kingdom, including seafood as well as fruits and vegetables. Our product items were domestically sold. In aboutit initiated exportation of marine products in can especially for canned sardines in tomato sauce, to the international market.

This is the first and vital step in the world. We pledge to seek for new, good and reliable thing to service all respective customers in as much as customer's satisfaction is our prime need. The company maintains international standards for quality and exports to markets around the world. Sakda Sresangnum Cisbay Co.

Cisbay is a producer of environmental-friendly food packaging made from biodegradable polymers such as starch, protein, and cellulose.

The company also produces dried durian, dried longan, and textured vegetable protein. The product line is appropriate for food that is hot or cold as well as wet or dry.

thailand food company

Contact: Ms. Hansa Panya City Food Co. The company manufactures Thai curry paste and chili sauce. City Foods uses only the freshest raw materials to prepare hygienic, appetizing, and nutritious foods that are exported to markets worldwide.

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Prasert Chittasirinuvat Juthamarth Marketing Co.View Detail. We will continue to be the leader in food production technology and innovation in order to produce products that are…. All of Useful Food products come from selection of excellent quality raw material enriched in natural nutrients that undergone through intensive quality assurance process as part of corporate standard before entering the production process.

More Detail. Potato starch. For over 35 years, intensive research has been conducted as the company is in search of new ingredients of exceptional taste and nutritious values. Meanwhile, advance production technology has been used as means to deliver the healthy nutrition of raw materials into the hands of customers whereas quick delivery service to every target destination has been carried out through intelligent Logistic system.

List of companies of Thailand

Core Products Useful Food has existed in the Thai society. From then until now, it is time to prove our commitment and effort in delivering quality food product to meet the dynamically changing consumer demands. We place great importance in upholding our original quality. Denma Matinee Zoo Zoo Winnae. Facebook Twitter YouTube. Well established for 35 years For 35 years, the company will continue to devolop no matter what happen. From the 1st to…our 35th Year Time has proven our commitment and effort in producing good quality snack products.

Still stand close and remain abreast society forever We will continue to be the leader in food production technology and innovation in order to produce products that are… View Detail. Best Selected. More Detail Best selection with good quality of raw material.

Potato starch Corn starch Wheat flour Seasoning. Butter Egg Icing Dried fruit.

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Core Products. Useful Food has existed in the Thai society. Cereal Donae. All rights reserved.K International trading co. K International Trading company have establish We are manufacturing,supplier and exporter food product, frozen fruit and vegetable to global market for two year. We are lea Osasuka Foods And Commodities Ltd We are leading suppliers in the market for many agricultural products our mandates is on the run to make sure all our clients get the best of satisfaction in their order no matter the part of the world.

We are supplying various quality food and beverage products to our valued customer since last 6 years. We offer OEM service to our clients. Samrong Tai, A. Phra Pradaeng Samut Prakarn We are a legitimate and reliable Distribution Company of energy drinks. As an official Distribut Emily Sale We are a tradingexport company of Thailand. Krungsiam Beverage Co. The company is current Roberts Fluid Power Co. Our Products always lead the way in this field, and we Trading Thailand Co.

With professional experience and loyal practical service, our main group products are: 1. Ariana Interfoods company limited. Three Point Management Co. Thailand We are manufacturer who produce several type of Coconut palm sugar. Formerly, the coconut palm sugar was unheeded.

Most people thought it is a local product which may not contain hy Thai Foods Product International Co. Baaeco V Food We are manufacturer and supplier of food related products namely all tamarind products from tamarind paste,tamarind pulp,wet tamarind,sweet tamarind,sour tamarind till a variety of Now we are looking for partners in distributing our products as follows: 1. Sutee Products Co. The company was established in as a manufacturer and the exporter of food, snack, and beverage.

Telephone Address PAthum thani Thailand. Today we can offer fresh and precooked halal chicken products and Tapioca. Up to you what your customers need.

Tycoon Corporation Thailand Co. Dear Sir. Telephone Address 98 Moo 5 T. Baankhor A. Pranakorn-Sriayutthaya, Ayutthaya Thailand.Select Your Language. Google Real-Time Translation.

thailand food company

This service is provided by Google Inc. If any part of the translated version is unclear, reference should be made to the English version. Top Search:. Trade Event. Product Magazine. BAC Banana Chips. Tea Rice. Season Concentrated Durian Flavour Syrup.

Chocolate Flavoured Milk Tablets. Thai Shrimp Chins Snack. Crispy Chocolate Coconut Cup. Durian Candy. BBQ Fish Cracker.

Tom Yum Paste. Thai Curry Dipping Sauce. Banana Max and LaiThai. Oyster Sauce. Fresh Mangosteen. Gourami Fish Chili Mix.

All rights reserved. Company Name. Food Products in Thai View As:. Contact Multiple Suppliers. Add to Wish List.

Delivering the Joy of Food

Amzap Group Company Limited. Contact Us. Get Latest Price. Baan Khanom Thai International Co. Thairichfoods Group Company Limited. Thai Rice Herb Co. Seasonzone Co. Caesar Food Co. Bentoys Group Company Limited.

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Crispy Chocolate Coconut Cup Min. Thailand Exporter, Manufacturer.Approximately 64 percent of its revenue came from overseas operations, with 30 percent from its home market of Thailand, and six percent from export operations.

The company's core businesses are livestock and aquaculture. Livestock operations include chicken broilers, chicken layers, ducks, and swine. In aquaculture, the two main marine animals are shrimp and fish. Calendar year results: revenues ofmillion bahtnet income of 15, million baht, and total assets ofmillion baht.

CPF's livestock business includes broilerslayersswineand ducks. Products can be divided into three main categories, animal feedbreedersand meat and food products. The company produces livestock feed in the forms of concentrate, powder and pellets for broilers, layers, swine, and ducks. The feed is distributed by more than sales representatives throughout Thailand.

A portion of the livestock feed is sold directly to large animal farms. The company researches and develops natural animal breeds. The goal is to obtain breeds that are disease-free and suited to the breeding environment in Thailand. The company produces parent stock broiler chicks, parent stock layer chicks, parent stock swine, broiler chicks, layer chicks, layers, and piglets for distribution to animal farms and domestic sales representatives.

Grandparent stock used in livestock breeding is imported from abroad to breed parent stock which are then raised on the company's farms. The practice confines sows in cages no bigger than a refrigerator in order to use them as "breeding machines". Sow stalls have been banned in the UK since as well as in other jurisdictions.

Thailand Street Food Grilled Crocodile Meat

Products in this category can be further divided according to two types of production processes: animal farming for commercial purposes and processing and manufacture of cooked food products. Products from animal farming for commercial purposes include live chickens, eggs, live ducks, and live swine which are distributed to sales representatives throughout the country.

The products are also distributed in surrounding local areas, to wholesalers and retailers, or to the company's processing plants or other processing plants in Thailand. The company has offices across the country, which act as centers for technical information to farmers on how to properly raise animals to obtain fast growth as well as assistance with marketing and distribution. The company has a support program for the farming of swine and broilers. The company selects farmers who have their own farms and farming equipment.

Selected farmers receive support in the areas of animal breeds, animal feed, medication, and farming knowledge from the company. The company then undertakes to purchase all yield which meets the CPF standards.

Broilers, ducks, and swine from the company's farms are brought to processing plants to be butchered into meat products according to customer specifications. The meats are packaged, frozen, and distributed as chilled and frozen meat products to wholesalers, domestic retailers, and importers in various countries. The company adds value to processed meat products by flavoring and cooking through the process of boiling, steaming, frying, baking and grilling according to customer specifications.

Export products are distributed through importers in various countries in the European Union, Asia, and Japan. The aquaculture business includes mainly shrimp and some fish.

The products can be classified into three main categories: animal feed, animal breeders, and meat and food products. The company produces and distributes aquatic feed, with the main product being shrimp feed. Aquatic feed is produced in the forms of concentrate, powder, and pellets and distributed through sales representatives who are in shrimp farming areas throughout the country.

Agricultural products such as soybean meal, fish meal, and wheat flour are used in the production of aquatic feed.Consistency in Product quality through latest processing technology, along with tough Sales strategies were helpful in reaching out more of trustful customers, in variety of location of world countries.

In the pipeline, Pegasus is committed on its plan to increase its productivity in cycles be adding another 4 production lines within this year of Our relentless effort on not only maintenance of high level Quality Product, but on improving them further up, have been the major attraction for our existing and new customers.

Our clientele base is built on trust for our excellence in providing premium fish-related canned food with quality services. With the commitment on best of Customer Satisfaction, Pegasus Food is committed to following key Points of its policie. Pegasus Food today enjoys the presence of business partners in over countries, for whom we as manufacturer in Thailand are committed to following core value. We're Pegasus Food. Provide this type of product.

Singhakorn, SongkhlaThailand. Email to Us here marketing1 pegasusfood. By Napolean Hill. Winners are not people Who never fail but people Who never quit.

Quality means doint it right when no one is Looking. By Henry Ford. Do not give up, The beginning is Always the hardest. By Seven Goran Eriksson. Company Profile. Fast - Priority to ensure every buyer are answered on any and every querry on the same day.

thailand food company

Punctual - Shipment timing of each order to be maintained at within 4 weeks, irrespective of external circumstances. Rule Compliance - To follow every International laws of trading standards, health, safety. Flexibility — Our varied worldwide experience allows us to be reactive on fulfilling the variety on requirements — depending on consumer taste. Also our local in-house trucks and other vehicles support to this. Company Vision.

Company Mission Statement. Our Product. Contact Us Name required. Email required. Message required.Thailand is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. It became a newly industrialised country and a major exporter in the s.

Charoen Pokphand Foods

Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are leading sectors of the economy. Substantial industries include electric appliances, components, computer components, and vehicles. Thailand's recovery from the — Asian financial crisis depended mainly on exports, among various other factors.

As of [update]the Thai automotive industry was the largest in Southeast Asia and the 9th largest in the world.

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For further information on the types of business entities in this country and their abbreviations, see " Business entities in Thailand ". This list shows firms in the Fortune Globalwhich ranks firms by total revenues reported before 31 March This list includes companies with headquarters in Thailand.

The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct. MBK Centerand eight story mall in Bangkok. Royal Cliff Grand Hotel in Pattaya.

thailand food company

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. See also: List of largest companies in Thailand. Bangkok Post. The Post Publishing. Thailand Business News. Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 20 January Archived from the original on 6 November Retrieved 26 November

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